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Use without administrator privileges

This extension requires the administrator rights for some actions. However, you can limit the administrator right for 2 actions and delegate the others to an service account for execution.

This table show all actions available in this extension and the right level needed for work:

Action Right Needed
win32_continue_service Service manager right
win32_create_service Administrator right
win32_delete_service Administrator right
win32_get_last_control_message Service account set in service configuration
win32_pause_service Service manager right
win32_query_service_status User right
win32_send_custom_control User right
win32_start_service_exit_mode Service account set in service configuration
win32_start_service_exit_code Service account set in service configuration
win32_set_service_status Service account set in service configuration
win32_start_service_ctrl_dispatcher Service account set in service configuration
win32_start_service Service manager right
win32_stop_service Service manager right


Open the right of the account for each service needed to manage. To open the right, see the Microsoft Documentation

After the service is registered run this command to read the right set on the service

C:\> sc sdshow my_test_service

Replace the my_test_service by your service identifier to read the information.

Note : Run this command in cmd administrator console.

The result example:


Get the SID for the service account, with this command:

C:\> wmic useraccount where (name='<username>' and domain='<domain_short_name>') get name,sid

The response:

Name        SID
<username>  S-1-5-21-1553544295-1745644848-8500016-126000

Add the string into the right after changing the :


The resulst will be gone:


Note : the CCLCRPWPRCDT represent the right to set for the SID. See the Microsoft Documentation to know the representation.

The final right is like this:


Now, set the new right for the service with the Administrator CMD window:


Replace the my_test_service by your service identifier to write the security descriptor.