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This extension provide a wrapper between Windows Service Manager and your PHP script. The PHP version supported by this extension is 7.1.1 and later. This extension work only for the Windows Build of PHP and with all variant (NTS/TS and 32/64 bit).

This extension requires the elevated privileges for work. However, you can delegate for some actions


You can download the pre-build extension from:


Unzip the package and copy the extention into the folder ext of your PHP installation.

After copy, edit the the file php.ini and add one line for load the extension depending on your version of PHP (7.1/7.2/7.3, x64/x86, ZTS/NTS). In example for PHP 7.3 in TS mode and 32 bit architecture : extension = php_win32service-7.3-ts-vc14-x86.dll (or use the short name available since PHP 7.2 : extension = win32service if the extension file is named php_win32service.dll).

Check in command line if the extension is correctly loaded with this command php --ri win32service.

If the output indicate this extension is not loaded, check the PHP configuration.

Note: The PHP version 7.1.0 dont work with this extension, use the latest version of PHP 7.1.


You can use this PHP service-library for implements your service runtime and management scripts. If you project is based on Symfony 4+, you can use the bundle to integrate the library into Symfony and reduce the number of codes do you need to write.

Otherwise , the downloaded zip contains examples scripts used for testing. The file service.php contains a skeleton for implement one service in PHP.

To use this example, open a command line window in administrator mode. Go to the example folder and run this command php service.php create to installing the test service.

Now a new service is added into the Windows service manager. You can start, stop this service from the Windows service manager or from the administrator command line.

Good coding !


Crash, feature request, or suggest, please open an issue.

Help for the extension function, visit the official PHP web site

Blog post: Extension PHP pour réaliser des services Windows [FR]

Blog post: Nouveautés de Win32Service 0.4 [FR]

Blog posts: [Win32Service] PHP 7.0 and 7.1 support [EN] and [Win32Service] Support de PHP 7.0 et PHP 7.1 [FR]


If you want to contribute, you can open an issue for propose your idea. If you can writing the code, fork the repository and write the code, finally propose your enhancement by a pull request.